SpeyCraft by Brian Styskal

Brian Styskal is one of the most technical two handed casters in the world. With thirty-five years of fly fishing experience, seventeen of which he has been casting a two handed rod, this comes as no surprise. His ability to cast any style of spey line efficiently separates Brian from most casters and instructors in the industry. He can pick up a 15ft 11wt two hander and a long belly line and compete on a world level. Conversely, he feels right at home casting short heads and huge flies.

More so, he is one of the top speycasting instructors in the country. Outside of being a member of the C.F Burkheimer advisory staff and the head instructor for the C.F Burkheimer casting school he has influenced spey line design for numerous fly line companies and is the northwest rep for Nextcast lines. As a professional casting instructor his schedule takes him to the rivers in northern B.C hosting trips through the C.F Burkheimer casting school. He also hosts trips on local waters in Washington and Oregon through out the year. Another part of his teaching schedule is as a presenter at the numerous "spey claves' through out the northwest.He is available for one on one casting instruction and also capable of handling large groups.
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